I'm back!

Ok... embarrassing story...

I forgot my blogger password! LOL! I'm such a scatterbrain. But lo and behold, I was messing around with my google accounts (there are many... how did that happen?) and it let me back into Blogger! Gosh I've missed reading everyone's blogs. I know I've lost a lot of followers because of my year-long disappearance from posting, but I'm going to make up for it by posting over the summer. I'd like to do a review of this school year and some of the best projects that my students created.
I'm also launching a new blog that is focused mainly on my art journaling and mixed media stuff. More to come! Until then, feel free to check out my current Tumblr page called In.Spir.Ed.
So let me do a little catching up... lots of things have changed this year! First off, the biggest news is that I got married. It has been a bit of a challenge to adjust (for everyone), especially after nearly 8 years of single-ness. But he is really super-fantastical and I love him more than I can express, he's really just the perfect match for me. Wedding pics to come in the near future!
As far as school, this year has been very rewarding and challenging at the same time. Changing my name in the middle of the year has been interesting! I'm trying not to answer to "Ms. Scott" anymore, which is difficult since that has been my name for quite some time. But kids and staff are getting better about remembering, slowly but surely. I've had to develop a complete curriculum for art this year. That has been an internal struggle for me, because I disagree with making such a concrete thing for such an abstract subject. But in the end, looking back at it, I think I made it general enough that I can change things up within each unit and not be tied down to the same projects every year for each unit (really... can you imagine!?).  For all of my art teacher readers, I'd LOVE to know what your district's curriculum looks like for art. Please respond!
Let's see... well I've been taking lots of online art classes-- mostly mixed media and art journaling. I'd like to incorporate more journaling into my art elective class at school too. Right now I'm taking 21 Secrets, Lifebook 2013, and I <3 Drawing with Jane Davenport. They are all fabulous and all quite different. I am excited for summer (6 more days of school... eeek!) so I can devote more time to these courses.  I'm also working on an art certificate from Penn Foster after dumping my boring and complicated Educational Administration program. I'm 150% happier since doing so!
Well I'll run for now, I look forward to getting back in touch with everyone and posting, reading, and having a good 'ole Blogger time. Toodles!


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