First Month of School

Actually, I guess it's been longer than a month, we have just 12 school days left of 1st quarter! How the time flies after you've been teaching for a few years. It's funny to notice the changes in yourself as you become more experienced as a teacher... For example, I think we've already done certain things this year, but actually I am getting confused with last year. Or I notice that I remember new names more quickly, but then if I run into a student who moved or graduated, I can't seem to think of their name.
I had the best of intentions to post some of my favorite projects from last year during the summer, but here we are into the next school year and all you've had from me are broken promises.
"Well I'm sick of this!" you say.
I'm going to try my best to post some more student projects soon. I've been using lots of ideas from Pinterest and I'll be reviewing them, along with what standards I tied them to.
I've been putting most of my effort into trying to start up my own art business, selling prints and cards. So far my little business is in the very early stages with mostly ideas, but I'll be sure to post when I get things going! If you'd like to follow me and my art journaling and mixed media ventures, please see these links!
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