Kandinsky Tree- In the Making!

Today's project was making Kandinsky-style concentric circles and painting them. This will eventually come together as part of a large project that K-4 are contributing to. I got the idea from the blog Some Kind of One-derful, which I found on Pinterest. Our version will be a little different, and I'm super excited to see how it turns out! Essentially, we will have a large tree (I'm going to attempt to fashion one from a plastic tablecloth since we don't have any brown rolls of paper) with Kandinsky's concentric circles (similar to the blog linked above). Beneath the tree will be Kandinsky's circles as flowers. Kindergarten and first grade made birds and owls to place in the tree and around in the hallway. All I can offer right now is this sneak peek of their circles drying patiently in the rack, waiting to become a masterpiece! It should all come together in a couple weeks, so check back for progress!


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