Paper Line Sculptures

Today I had to teach art from a cart (well, not even really a cart, just some tubs!) because the book fair has taken over my classroom for the week!  
On the search for something not too messy but lots of fun, I found this paper line sculpture idea from a few different websites, including Texas Art Teacher's blog. The kids had a blast with it!
 K-3 did this project using paper strips and paper towel tubes cut into rings.
 The photo above is work by 3rd Grader James C.
When finished, we displayed work outside the art room door. This is 3rd Grade's display, and K-2's work filled the wall outside the other door into the room (pics coming soon). The kids have received lots of compliments on their work and several staff have said that the hallway looks great with all the color! It will remain on display until after the art show at the end of April.


  • Pat | April 1, 2012 at 10:35 PM

    I am sorry to hear that you were displaced from your artroom to accomodate the bookfair. It seems to me that a school library would be a better venue for a bookfair and less disruptive to your program. If your school doesn't have a library then maybe the other options could be a section of the gym (like my school does for it's bookfairs), or someplace else. I admire you for carrying on with the "art cart" but it just seems so unfair.

  • Ms. Scott | April 2, 2012 at 7:27 AM

    It really does seem like the library might have been better...its right next door too. I can understand their reasoning for having it in my room though, since its the first room you see as you come in, and it was parent-teacher conference week. Also, the library would make it hard to monitor for shoplifters since kids are in and out all day. I certainly gained an appreciation for art on a cart teachers!

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